The World Solar Fund Foundation (WSF) is a non-profit organization in the Netherlands.

It’s goal is to improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups in developing countries. We achieve this by introducing solar lamps, and thus replacing traditional means of lighting, such as kerosene, batteries and wood.

Also WSF wants to contribute to reducing environmental and health-threatening influences, such as the emission of hazardous fumes and CO2 from burning kerosene, environmental pollution caused by chemical waste (batteries) and reduction of forest area as a result of logging.

By introducing the solar lamps, WSF wants to contribute to the economic development in general and that of individuals and the local communities in particular. WSF wants to encourage local employment by aiming at the local assembly and / or production of lamps and accessories.

WSF wants to increase the awareness of the people in the Netherlands to the living conditions there and to opportunities for Dutch contributions for improvements.

WSF focuses its activities on children, adolescents and adults.