Solited AL (Africa Light)

Solar lamp and charger


  • 129x22x76 mm
  • IP54 (IEC 60529).
  • Strong UV protected housing
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Switch 3 light levels (high, medium, low)
  • Weight ca. 170 grams


  • Capacity: 1700mAh Li-Ion High Temperature cell
  • Voltage: 3.7V – Cycle life: 300 cycles > 80% capacity
  • 3 State of charge indication LEDs (green)

Solar Panel:

  • 0.8Wp high efficiency panel
  • Completely charges the battery in 9 hours under optimal conditions


  • 2 High efficiency power LEDs
  • Cool White 5000K, CRI 85 – 80 Lm(luminous flux) for 8 hours on a fully charged battery
  • 32 Lm for 22 hours on a fully charged battery
  • 12 Lm for 60 hours on a fully charged battery


  • 1000mA output current
  • Automatically selects the right charging profile depending on the connected device (supporting both iPhone and Android)
  • Short circuit protected
  • Charge indication LED indicates when a device is attached and charging



The Pollux is created during many visits in countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Benin and India. Also many contacts with countries in Africa and Middle America leaded to the design as proposed now. People in rural areas need a portable lamp. Different rooms are to be lit during the evening hours, and most consumers cannot afford more than one lamp. Furthermore, a dimmed light during the entire night was needed, to orientate in the dark and to feel safe at night. Also vendors and small markets need safe en good lighting to sell their product in the dark. As the Pollux charges in daylight, on any spot where daylight is available, in dark periods it will improve sales and makes it easy to find your way to the products to be sold. Another problem can be solved with the Pollux because during power failure it can be used for safety reasons and makes it possible to work on for many hours without electricity.

The Pollux can be mounted on a pole. In this way it’s very convenient as a streetlight and provides safety and an easy way to find your way in the dark. In case of a disaster like earthquake, tsunami or thunderstorm, when electricity is cut off, it provides safe lighting for helpers in affected areas.

• Indoor and outdoor use
• Stand-alone
• Minimum maintenance
• Small in size
•No cables or wiring
• Easy transport
• Affordable
• Solid construction
• 50.000 hrs LED lifetime
• optional handles
• external lights availablev





Solar Biomass Cookstove

  • LED light
  • Solar Panel
  • Wall charger
  • USB and DC ports

the solution