About World Solar Fund


World Solar Fund (WSF) is a non-profit organization, registered in the USA and Europe, which aims to improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups. We want to help people after a natural disaster and people that are living in refugee camps by giving them a source of electricity. This helps create a safer environment.

Also we want to help poor people in developing countries. We realize this by the introduction of several small-scale forms of solar energy and replacing traditional, non sustainable resources for lighting, such as kerosene, batteries and wood.

We aim to contribute to the reduction of environmental and health effects, such as the emission of dangerous fumes and CO2, resulting from the burning of fuel, and environmental pollution due to chemical waste (batteries) and reduction of the forest area as a result of logging.

With the introduction of lights on solar energy, WSF wants to contribute to the economic development in general and of individuals and local communities in devoloping countries. WSF supports local employment by promoting local assembly and/or production of solar lights and accessories.

WSF want to create awareness among people in the whole world, regarding to the living conditions mentioned above and possibilities to contribute to this improvement.



World Solar fund has three important targets: helping peolple in emergency situations, helping people in refugee camps and helping peolple in developingcountries.

The solar lights provided by WSF have an S.O.S.- function to help people to safety after a natural disaster.

We want to make refugeecamps safer, by providing a source of electricity.

By using the solar lights, children and students can study at night and hereby improve their educational level.

We want hospitals and clinics in developing countries to switch from kerosene lamps or candles to solar energy lighting. Thanks to solar energy, doctors in hospitals can continue to do their important work under all circumstances. Solar powered lights are also used as a backup during the regular power outages.

With spreading our products that work on solar energy, we want reduce the environmental en health effects. We want to stop deforestation and thereby climate change.

We are spreading awarness about climate change and how to stop it.

We want to establish ‘partnerships’ with local NGOs, communities, governments, etc.


Raising Funds

We generate funds by:

  • Hosting sponsor dinners
  • Spreading awareness
  • Organise benefit activities
  • Collect donations
  • Sell solar products as coorporate gifts

How we work

We work together with the local partners to distribute our products. Because of the different circumstances of our target groups, we look at every project separately and decide what the possibilities are. The projects for people after a natural disaster ask for a different approach than the projects for people living in poverty or people living in refugee camps.

We have a system to help us give out solar lights in return for a small contribution to make them accessible for people with no money at all. For people who have the possibility to pay a small amount, we make the solar lights available for 1 dollar a month for a period of 3 years. By paying such a small amount of money for a period of time we can reserve an amount for people who have no money. This way the lights will be available for everyone! Here we also look at every project separately to decide what the possibilities are.

Plant a tree-program

For the solarcookers we use the plant-a-tree-program. The cookers are an alternative for the open fire used for cooking. For these fires a lot of wood is needed and therefor a lot of trees are lost. Deforestation is a big problem in a lot of areas.

By using the cookers, we save a lot trees. However a lot of trees have already been lost. With the plant-a-tree-program we want to help the environment. For every cooker we hand out, we ask the recipient to plant a tree and take care of this tree. This way we want to fight deforestation and help to restore the damage done in the past.


Green Sun Light: led light and mobile charger


This portable light is easy to cary, because of its size. It is confiened to bring with you everywhere you go. This also means a phone can be charged where ever you are, in every circumstance.

Solar Cookstove


You can use the following biomass fuels:

  • Dried dung
  • Wood (chopped into small pieces)
  • Biomass fuel pellets
  • Bamboo
  • Agricultural waste e.g. corn cobs



  • Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 35cm
  • Weight: 4.6 Kg.
  • Fuel: Solid biomass. Wood pellets are recommended.
  • Fuel Consumption:
  • Full fan: 750 grams (8mm pellet) in 50 minutes.
  • Low fan: 750 grams (8mm pellet) in 100 minutes.