Plant-a-tree program


Deforestation is a big problem in a lot of area’s. A lot of forest dissapears and only dry land is left. People in developing countries are cooking on open fire’s, using wood. Most of the time there is no alternative for the use of wood. This is what we want to change. With the solar cooker we want to provide the alternative.

According to the WWF 1.25 billion people in developing countries are depending on the forest for food, livelyhoods, shelter, fuel and medicine. The use of wood is a threat to the forest and thereby a threat to the lives of people and animals living in the forest and to the environment. Trees are not only important for the use of wood; trees provide us with oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Whitout trees, we can not survive.


By using the solar cookers, we save a lot of trees. However a lot of trees have already been lost. With the plant-a-tree-program we want to help the environment. For every solar cooker we hand out, we ask the recipient to plant a tree and take care of this tree. This way we want to fight deforestation and help to restore the damage done in the past.


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