How to Apply


To apply for help from World Solar Fund you have to meet the criteria bellow. We ask you to fill in the application form and send in a recommendation letter. After sending in your application it will enter our selection procedure. When selected, we ask you to send in the projectplan.



To apply for our help we charge no fees, also for our services we charge no fees.

We only accept applications from organisations, groups, companies and agencies, therefor we do not accept applications from individuals. On the application form we ask to explain the situation of the peolple who need our help. Every application has to be for vulnarable groups in poor circumstances, who have no or little acces to electricity and are in need of our solar lights and/or cookers to better their living conditions. Our focus are vulnarable groups after natural disasters, in refugeecamps and in developing countries. When a natural disaster occurs, there are people in direct need, and we have to set priorities.For vulnarable groups after a natural disaster there is no application needed. In cases of natural disaster World Solar Fund decides when and where our help is needed.

When the application is approved we personally deliver the lamps or cookers requested to their destination.


Please fill in the application form below or download the form as pdf and send it to