Highlights from World Solar Fund with the Green Sun Light

The students

Previously, we had problems when reading with lanterns in the night. The Lanterns consume kerosene and are not bright enough when we are using it to read at nights. Lanterns are hazardous and produce smokes that are harmful to our health. They affect our eyes and make many students not to study for long time in the nights.
This has caused many students in Africa low academic performance. Since we started using the Green Sun Light from World Solar Fund our academic performance has improved and we can study for a long period of time in the night.
Many Students in Africa likes the Green Sun Light because it’s very bright and doesn’t affect our eyes. It last long when using it to read at nights and also charges our mobile phones.


Nursing mother

The Green Sun Light helped me when I was pregnant and till the day I gave birth. Hospitals in my region don’t have lights at night. They switch off their generators when it’s getting late in the night. Many pregnant women and other individuals across Africa recommend the Green Sun Light because it’s sustainable and helps in times of emergency.

And many others

The Green Sun Light has helped us at nights and also charging our phones. Previously, we spend lots of money to charge our phones and buy batteries for our torch light. We no longer buy batteries and spend money to charge our phones because of the Green sun light. The Green sun light is renewable energy and it charges phone. Many individuals in Africa have expressed their feelings that they love the Green sun light because it’s affordable and very strong.