The impact the global spread of coronavirus on vulnerable refugee camps


We hope you and your loved ones are safe and have been faring as well as possible under this extraordinarily difficult circumstances we all face at this moment.

The coronavirus has unleashed a global catastrophe and an unprecedented crisis for the whole world. It has hit prestige economies and markets hard. It has killed people and forced many to remain home.

As the pandemic interferes with everything thing in our lives, we must not forget those that are living in refugee camps, the homeless and poor people.

Given how quickly the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading, an outbreak is “looking imminent” in the world’s refugee camps, crowded reception centres or detention facilities where migrant families are sheltering. People living there often don’t have the means to protect themselves from the virus and to get well informed. Although a lot of people own a phone, which could be used to educate people about the virus, without electricity they don’t work.

We all should be very concerned about the impact the global spread of coronavirus could have on vulnerable refugee camps, the homeless and poor people. The international community must pay greater attention to how the outbreak could hit displaced populations and work collectively to find common sense solutions to contain the outbreak.

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